Balearic Association of Tourist Activities

«ABACTUR» Balearic Association of Tourist Activities, brings together the most important companies in the Balearic specialized tourism offer.

To do
At mallorca?

Find a wide variety of offers in the form of tourist activities. Enjoy your time doing some of our activities, visits, excursions, water activities, children's, cultural.

About us?

Abactur It was established on October 26, 2001, originally called "AMAT", with the main objectives of defending the interests of the members and promoting collaboration between the members.

Why join?

We will better defend the interests that are common to us, in matters such as legislation, regulations, taxes, aid, seasonality, etc.

  • United we will better defend the interests that are common to us, in matters such as legislation, regulations, taxes, aid, seasonality, etc.
  • To collaborate and benefit from the development of synergies and possible collaborations between partners.
  • To achieve that with our union we are listened to, we are taken into account and we are made to participate in everything that relates to tourism, we have an active presence in all institutional and private tourism forums, to value our Specialized Offer and that be a basic element in the promotion of Mallorcan tourism and to achieve a more fair distribution of tourist income.
  • We aspire to have a broad presence in the media because this is promotion and image for our companies and activities.
  • We are open to collaboration with other tourism Associations and Employers, because together we will achieve higher quality tourism, with less seasonality, more solid, etc.
  • And if you meet the requirements and the aforementioned affects you, JOIN US!!! Because the union makes the force!!!
  • Finally, we will ensure that membership in ABACTUR is a guarantee of quality in our offer and efficiency in our services.

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How to be an associate?

Develop activity in the Balearic Islands, having tourism as the most important source of income.
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Requirements to be an associate

You can contact us with any questions or queries through the form or also request a commercial visit from our marketing representative.
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It is part of the largest directory of experiences in the Balearic Islands.

Our Associates

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