Before assuming his current position as general director of the Mallorcan aquarium in 2010, González Clemente held positions of maximum responsibility as general director for Spain and Portugal of Seven Up, McCain and other prominent multinationals, and was also in charge of leisure projects such as that of Parques del Caribe (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic) and, for seven years, the Aspro Ocio Group, among others.

According to Antonio González, “currently the complementary offer Mallorca does not have the importance and weight that it should have in the tourism sector of the islands, something that does not happen in other consolidated destinations, where they are taken into account.

In this regard, he believes, “the wide and varied complementary offer of our islands can be the solution to compete with other emerging destinations, which, like us, have excellent climates and beautiful landscapes but at cheaper prices thanks to their lower structural costs. , but they do not have tourist attractions as good and diverse as those we have in Mallorca.

Furthermore, he highlights, “we cannot forget the transcendental role that the complementary offer must play as a fundamental driver to end the strong seasonality of the Balearic Islands, an objective that is currently a priority for all public administrations and for the private tourism sector in general.” .