The Son Mesquidassa estate is a privileged place, of surprising beauty and tranquility.

Son Mesquidassa premiered 'tafona' in Felanitx and for this they organized a great event, with prestigious speakers, such as the president of the Government, Francina Armengol, and luxury guests who enjoyed the event while admiring the oil mill.

Late in the afternoon, the guests began to be received with a welcome cocktail and entertained by the xeremiers. Among them, the presence of the general director of Agriculture, Biel Torrens, the president of FOGAIBA, Tomeu Morro, and the mayor of Felanitx, Jaume Monserrat, stood out.

During the presentation it was explained that the Son Mesquidassa project is “ambitious” but also “very respectful” of the “environment”, “of its tradition” and of the Balearic Islands. Son Mesquidassa has opted for a so-called super-intensive system that consists of “planting the trees in a row and at a maximum distance of 4 meters from each other.” This “facilitates treatments and allows for fully mechanized harvesting.”

Furthermore, one of the novelties is that the new 'tafona' is organized in such a way that it can be visited by tourists who can learn the origin of the oil and take an excursion through Son Mesquidassa.

Several interventions were made during the event. The director of Son Mesquidassa, Joan Alcaide, spoke first. Next, after an exciting review of his career, the creator of the “Rosselló” brand, Tòfol Rosselló, intervened. He was followed by the mayor of Felanitx, Jaume Monserrat and to finish, the president of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, intervened.

After the speeches, everyone enjoyed a pleasant dinner followed by fireworks. To conclude the event, a concert by the musical group Géminis and Tomeu Penya could be seen and heard. (Channel4 Publication)

Tòfol Rosselló is also a member of ABACTUR, our congratulations from the association for the event, we hope that the Tafona of Son Mesquidassa be a reference as a tourist activity, that the project develops as we all hope, and that visitors enjoy learning about the history of the estate and what Tafona contributes today.

Inauguración de la Tafona Son Mesquidassa